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About Us

Our Mission Statement 
We practice with a purpose. We play with a passion.

Our History
hcSynergy Volleyball Club was started by Heather Cooper in the fall of 2008 as an effort to provide high school girls the opportunity to play volleyball all year round. 

Heather Cooper, also known as “Cooper”, is the heart and soul behind hcSynergy. As Founder and Club Director, she wants to share her love and passion for volleyball.  She recognizes the huge impact the sport has on the athletes both on and off the court.  

Cooper graduated from San Jose State University with a Degree in Recreation and Leisure, with a Minor in Communication. Going on her 14th year of coaching, she is currently the Volleyball Program Director at Branham High School for both the Girls and Boys.

The club started with two girls teams playing in the 16s age bracket a total of 20 girls, 2 coaches, and 20 families.  During our first year as a club our 16-1 team was ranked 26th and our 16-2 team ranked 33rd out of 137 teams.  In 2013 the club added 2 power (travel) teams. The club has grown in 2015 to have a total of six teams with a total of 56 girls, 8 coaches and over 53 families. 

Our Vision 
As the only nonprofit 501(3c) organization in San Jose, CA is designed to provide young athletes with the opportunity to learn and compete in the sport of volleyball regardless of their financial ability.  We strive to provide the following to all our players:

  • resources for developing good habits with exercise, diet, raising body awareness, improving their confidence and self-esteem.
  • empower our athletes to develop lifelong skills of time management, striving for excellence, responsibility, and teamwork through challenging situations.
  • a safe environment for young athletes to develop their own individual potential and passion for the sport of volleyball
  • opportunities to give back to the community by doing team involved projects together

Our Objectives
We provide an environment for young girls to not only learn the sport of volleyball, but also provide a level of understanding to keep their bodies healthy both emotionally and physically.  This is achieved by:

  • Teaching a balanced program in which volleyball plays a role to enhance healthy habits, in the growth and development of the individual participant as a person and an athlete
  • Providing a safe environment for young athletes to enhance their self-esteem, confidence and incorporate exercise into their daily lives.
  • Create a sense of pride and well-being by doing things for others
  • Expose athletes, within their own ability level, to the best competition possible

We strive to bring out the best in our girls and ensure they are feeling good about what they have accomplished.